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1/21/03 - THE CASE AGAINST IRAQ - 2003-01-22

For more than a decade, Saddam Hussein has tried to deceive and defy the United Nations Security Council. The Iraqi regime has continued to seek chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons, and long-range ballistic missiles.

Saddam Hussein has also continued to brutalize the Iraqi people. In the late 1980s, Saddam launched a large-scale chemical weapons attack against Iraq’s Kurdish minority. Thousands were killed. Political opponents have been imprisoned and tortured by beating and burning, electric shocks, starvation, mutilation, and rape. Many have been summarily killed. In 1993, Iraq attempted to assassinate the Emir of Kuwait and former U.S. president George Bush.

On at least ten occasions, Saddam Hussein’s military forces have attacked Iranian and Kurdish personnel with mustard gas and nerve agents using bombs, rockets, and artillery shells. Iraq has admitted to producing tens of thousands of liters of anthrax and other deadly biological agents for use with Scud ballistic missile warheads, bombs, and aircraft spray tanks.

Saddam Hussein expelled U-N weapons inspectors in 1998, but they are now back in Iraq. The U-N Security Council has reaffirmed its requirement that Iraq give up its weapons of mass destruction. Compliance means providing all requested information to show that Iraq has abandoned the deceptions of the last decade.

Saddam Hussein has an obligation to disarm. But Saddam Hussein is a man who likes to play games. “Now,” said President George W. Bush, “the game is over. Saddam Hussein will fully disarm himself of weapons of mass destruction, and if he does not, America will lead a coalition to disarm him.”