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No Justification For Terrorism

Those who planned and executed the recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India, should not be pleased with the overall result of their acts of terrorism: the overwhelming, world-wide condemnation of perpetrators, and the hardening of international resolve to combat terrorism as leaders across the globe pledge their support.

The attacks were described as indiscriminate and cowardly by Australia, unjustifiable by Japan, and Pakistan offered every assistance in bringing the attackers to justice. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is traveling to India this week as a demonstration of the United States' commitment to stand in solidarity with the people of India.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown promised a vigorous response to the attacks, and U.S. President-Elect Barack Obama said in a statement that the United States must work to strengthen ties with India and other nations to “root out and destroy terrorist networks.”

The attacks were brutal and indiscriminate. The terrorists fired automatic rifles into crowds, threw hand grenades, took hostages. The first targets to be attacked were a major railway station, a restaurant popular with tourists, and a business complex housing a Jewish outreach center. Next was a hospital for women and children, and finally two of the city's luxury hotels.

The United States strongly condemns the deadly attacks in Mumbai. President George Bush offered his condolences to the Indian people and the families of the innocent civilians killed and injured in the attack, and will continue to stand with the people of India in this time of tragedy. The U.S. government stands ready to assist and support the Indian government, said White House Press Secretary Dana Perino.