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Black Hawks To Mexico

An example of a Black Hawk helicopter.

The United States has delivered 3 Black Hawk UH-60M helicopters to Mexico's Federal Police Force.

The United States has delivered 3 Black Hawk UH-60M helicopters to Mexico's Federal Police Force to fight the drug cartels and the violence they are perpetrating not only in Mexico but increasingly across the region.

These helicopters are among the most modern and effective in the world. Valued at $64 million, they mark the first Merida Initiative aviation delivery to the Mexican Federal Police Force. These helicopters will complement the current Mexican air fleet by expanding law enforcement operations, allowing for rapid response and increased mobility of law enforcement personnel, providing access to remote regions, and expanding interdiction operations to target illicit activities.

The delivery of the Black Hawk helicopters is part of a joint commitment by the United States and Mexico made in March to step up cooperation against transnational drug trafficking organizations and organized crime. Despite the threat posed by transnational organized crime, the United States and Mexico have the tools to fight back and provide greater security to both countries.

The 2008 Merida Initiative was established in an effort to reign in criminal organizations operating not only in Mexico, but in Central America, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic.

To support Mexico in fighting the drug war, the U.S. has delivered more than $310 million to date in equipment and training, with plans to deliver an additional $495 million in equipment and training by the end of 2011.

The government of Mexico has committed significant resources to fighting transnational criminal organizations. And with the United States' partnership through the Merida Initiative, Mexico will have the resources it needs to stem the drug violence.