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Improving Healthcare In Zambia

The United States is committing nearly $90 million to strengthen Zambia's health care system.

The United States is committing nearly $90 million to strengthen Zambia's health care system. "This new program, which emphasizes training and capacity building of the healthcare sector, will provide confidence and hope to millions of Zambians,' said U.S. Embassy Charge d'Affaires Michael Koplovsky. "By working together," he said, "Americans and Zambians can reduce the need for outside development assistance and create a Zambian-led, Zambian-driven future."

The United States Agency for International Development will support implementation of the program, working with Zambia's Ministry of Health, which focus on HIV/AIDS, family planning and reproductive health, malaria, and maternal, newborn and child health and nutrition. Known as the Zambia Integrated Systems Strengthening Program, the project will work in all nine provinces. In line with President Obama's Global Health Initiative, the Zambia Integrated Systems Strengthening Program will build on past U.S.-funded programs to increase Zambian capacity and expertise.

Consistent with the Global Health Initiative's focus on building country capacity for sustainable health systems, this program provides training to doctors, clinical officers and nurses to enable them to deliver higher quality medical care. The program also supports the Ministry of Health's efforts to improve health management at the national, provincial and district levels, enhancing the Ministry's capacity to plan, implement, monitor, and evaluate key public health interventions and programs.

Key components in the Zambia Integrated Systems Strengthening Program include working with community, religious, and traditional leaders to strengthen their roles as advocates of community health issues; training community health workers to expand the provision of health services; and encouraging public-private partnerships in technical and management skills development. "We are investing in a sustainable, Zambian solution to the country's health challenges," said Charge d'Affaires Koplovsky, "because improved public health fosters peace and prosperity for all Zambians."