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Promoting Wind Energy

Wind turbine.
Wind turbine.

The U.S. broadens investments in wind energy on it's path toward becoming a clean energy economy.

The United States is committed to advancing the development and use of wind power as 1 important tool in moving toward a clean energy economy.

As part of the Obama Administration's broader investments in wind energy, U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced that the Department of Energy is awarding more than 5 million dollars to support U.S. wind energy development.

2 projects receiving a total of $3,400,000 over 2 years will improve short-term wind forecasting. This will accelerate the use of wind power in electricity transmission networks by allowing utilities and grid operators to more accurately forecast when and where electricity will be generated from wind power. 3 additional projects are receiving more than $1,800,000 to boost the speed and scale of midsize wind turbine technology development and deployment. These grants will help reach the goal of doubling U.S. renewable energy generation capacity, and will promote energy security, environmental quality, and clean energy jobs.

"Wind power hold enormous potential to help our nation's clean energy goals," said Secretary Chu. The awards, he said, "will help better integrate wind energy into the electrical grid and will support the development of midsize wind turbines that can be used to provide renewable electricity in communities across the country."

In addition to the funding for short-term wind energy forecasting, the Department of Energy announced that 3 projects will receive approximately $620,000 each to accelerate the first phase of development, testing, and commercialization of domestically manufactured midsize wind turbines with rate generating capacities between 200 and 500 kilowatts. Midsized turbines are often used to generate renewable electricity at schools, farms, factories, private and public facilities, remote locations, and community and [Native American] tribal wind energy plants. Their size allows installation at the site of electricity use, minimizing the need for new electricity transmission infrastructure.

The Department of Energy will provide funding over 2 years to strengthen the U.S. midsize turbine market, leveraging private sector investments to advance innovative technologies that lower the installed costs and improve the productivity of the midsized turbines.