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Clinton In Kyrgystan

US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton gestures, as she arrives at Manas airport, in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton applauded the country's efforts to establish a democratic government.

On a recent visit to Kyrgyzstan, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton applauded the country's efforts to establish a democratic government. The successful October 10th parliamentary elections were aimed at creating the first parliamentary democracy in Central Asia.

The United States looks forward to working with the new parliament and a new government. It is essential that a new government is put into office, and that all branches of government work together to tackle the challenges that confront Kyrgyzstan. There are many who say parliamentary democracy cannot work in Central Asia, said Secretary Clinton. "We reject that," she said, "and we think Kyrgyzstan is proving that it can."

Following successful elections, it is especially important that a constitutional democracy grow and thrive in Kyrgyzstan, said Secretary Clinton, "because no form of government is better suited to handling the challenges posed by diverse ethnic or religious groups. Constitutional democracy creates a forum where people start from the premise that certain principles must be upheld by the rule of law. And those rules ... govern the way that people from different backgrounds, traditions, and customs, can discuss, debate, and work together to form a nation in which all citizens are entitled to the same rights."

The United States urges the Kyrgyz authorities to ensure that the trials of those held responsible for the ethnic violence in June, and of former government officials and members of the security forces, proceed in accordance with the full due process guaranteed under Kyrgyz law.

President Otunbayeva and Secretary Clinton discussed the shared interests of the United States and Kyrgyzstan in a stable region. Secretary Clinton stated that both the United States and Kyrgyzstan will be more secure if they help the Afghan people build a peaceful, stable country free of violent extremism and those who promote it. She expressed the gratitude of the United States to the nation of Kyrgyzstan for hosting the Manas Transit Center and making a very important contribution to the international effort to stabilize Afghanistan and provide regional security.

The people of Kyrgyzstan have already accomplished a great deal. The United States looks forward to continuing to work with the people and government of Kyrgyzstan and is committed to the future of the country.